Abeyance was a project done during the summer semester of 2018 with a group of 7 game design students.

The story follows detective C. Chano who find herself caught in a eerie hotel looking for her partner detective Fowler who has inexplicably gone missing without a trace. With a staff refusing to help her and trying to get her out of there she knows she has to push forward to find Fowler and escape hotel ABEYANCE.
Having 7 people in a group brought our team leader Chris to the idea of making sure everybody has their own work cut out for them and split into groups for 2D, 3D and level design + programming.

I was tasked with the narrative, storyline, character lore and 3D of the interior together with the assets in the rooms. Halfway through and towards the end in order to help with the atmosphere of the hotel I ended up also designing the end poster for the game and the paintings that can be found in the game and hold tips on the mini-puzzles of the story.

Starting from a beginner level of Maya i managed to learn a lot and deliver 3D assets I had never tried before, I really feel as if with this project I have learned a lot but there is always room for more knowledge which I am eager to pursue.
The end product had a big amount of players and a hefty amount of positive feedback which made me very happy. 
With this project I discovered my big interest in the environmental 3D world together with  the design of assets.

One of the few things i look back at and regret is not having a more in depth communication with the leader of our group together with investing more time in working at the level design and game system which I honestly feel like we should have gotten more involved with instead of splitting into design groups. 
Nonetheless this has been one of my favorite projects so far and I landed in a group of people I learned a lot from and got along with exceptionally. It really felt like a game designer group which was exciting.
Below you will find a video of our game, together with screenshots of the making of including the usage of analog material in order to plan the hotel.
A big thank you to all my amazing teammates that I now call my friends and to our coaches Susanne Brandhorst and Thomas Bremer who not only helped us with feedback to guide us on the right track but also supplied us with a studio and tech ware. 
And it goes without saying my biggest thanks goes out to my team :
Christopher Meier
Noemi Moehr
Linda Oberpaul
Ana Eremina
Frauke Hoffmann
Shannon Drewitz
My blog is : ARTdicoi.tumblr.com where i have more rough things lined up and updated occasionally.
For inquiries I can always be reached Mo-Sa under :
 annadeef.d@gmail.com or