The Great Kenyan Adventure
Passion Made Us Do It!
I am Africa 

AFI >>> Campaign concept. >>> 

"At the heart of our campaign was the idea of creation and of life. There are two elements we associate with this and that’s fire and water. Both elements are potent but they could not be more opposed. Fire is intense and instantaneous, while water, though it can be as tempestuous as fire, is more willful, methodical and unhurried. The Hell’s Gate gorge for example, was carved and sculpted by water over years while pieces from the Precious Collection were created and shaped in almost volcanic temperatures. This contrast was important.

We see water not just as the originator of life but as the key ingredient in the survival of man. Water has a spiritual essence. It is used to cleanse and clarify but it also connects people. For centuries, people have constructed myths and rituals around water. Whole tribes and cultural practices have emerged out of this mystical yet physical phenomenon. 
It’s pure … it’s the common denominator for life."

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Team Africa Fashion International at Naivasha Hell’s Gate National Park
Photographer: @ingridalicephotography 
Stylist and Designer: @adeledejak 
Producer & Creative Director: @paulleisegang 
AFI: @afi_sa 
Makeup: @mdeizimakeup 
Hair: @rickykish 
Post Production: @qpixds
Post Production: @galinkastyle
Team: @jorammodelmanagement
Models: @alietsarah @maurynetheo @jokisila @jdmakau @akolmaryl​​​​​​​