Consumer International World Congress Branding


Consumers today are faced with a unique set of challenges: Climate change and the economic crisis have raised fundamental questions about how and why we consume, whilst the rise of massive domestic markets in some of the world’s transitional economies will also fundamentally affect global production and consumption. Meanwhile, access to basic consumer services such as healthcare, electricity, water and sanitation continue to evade billions of people.

Yet at the same time consumers and consumer groups are finding ingenious new ways of exercising their rights. From micro-credit schemes in Africa and responsible online purchasing initiatives in California, to global CSR standards at ISO and sustainable consumption negotiations at the UN; the consumer movement is facing up to these challenges.

CI World Congress is about mapping the challenges that face consumers in the 21 st century and exploring the ways in which consumer organisations can make a positive difference. It is about demonstrating how an empowered consumer can be a responsible citizen. And it is about showing why fostering the rights and responsibilities of young consumers must be a central aim of the global consumer movement if it is to realise its potential in these challenging times.

The focus on tomorrow’s consumers will set a forward-looking agenda very much at the heart of the programme, with plenary sessions and workshops on the importance of engaging with tomorrows consumers as responsible citizens. The target audience will be consumer organisations, governments, funding bodies, civil society and business leaders. This is not directed at consumers themselves.

Key terms considered for branding design are: Consumer rights, citizenship, China, Hong Kong, sustainability, responsibility, youth, future, international and empowerment.
The design reflects simplicity that can be easily grasped by a large variety of cultural backgrounds. Colour ideas are drawn from CI’s existing branding.
It is modern and forward-looking, yet reflect maturity and global reach.
"Rehan delivered a world-class design concept for our World Congress logo. He provided a clear and compelling narrative to the design, which really impressed our Executive.

The logo perfectly captured the key themes of sustainability, ethical consumption and empowerment, and seamlessly integrated elements of our core branding and the Asia Pacific location of the event.

Rehan also did a great job working across three different time-zones; liasing from New Zealand with our London and Hong Kong teams. Highly recommended."

Luke Upchurch
Head of Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Consumer International, London, UK