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    A scripted tool for Adobe Illustrator to help graphics workers with specific workflow needs at a promotions company in Coppell, Texas.
This project was an exercise in work optimization and UI interface design. A workflow was analyzed, translated into logical steps and subsequently programmed as a scripted tool for Adobe Illustrator to be used by the creative personnel to save time and money by reducing the manual labor involved.

An automatic routine now consolidates user input into one window, allowing one-step output of graphic production files. Inside the program, an algorithm conditionally substitutes spot colors based on information in a database and creates different versions of art files with specific colors for different application methods and substrates. The computerized processes also allow for effective multi-tasking as the user can attend to other duties while the background saving task runs independently, opposed to the manual way of having little option but to wait on the machine while manually producing file iterations.
The UI Window has unique and interesting artwork to make work less boring and more fun!
Decal Mode with lightened cells. (Cells light up when an element is moused-over)
Secret StarGate feature activated, ready to open a dimensional rift between worlds.