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6. Darth Sidious // Lightsaber

6. Darth Sidious

Substance, Maxwell and Lightsabers.
My personal attempt to combine Substance texturing tools with Maxwell's unbiased rendering.

Made in Maya.
Textured in Substance Painter.
Rendered in Maxwell Render

Maxwell Render

High poly - 56354 Triangles (Maxwell)
Low poly - 5868 Triangles (Substance Painter)
1 Texture Set

Substance Painter

Download both high-poly and low-poly versions here for FREE -

P.S. - Turntable was also rendered with Maxwell


6. Darth Sidious // Lightsaber

6. Darth Sidious // Lightsaber

Another lightsaber from my study. This time focus was on a handle material with iridescent smudges and more of a pearly / metallic feel. Free for Read More