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    Career guide for inmates
The research started with a need assessment analysis at the prisons. After visiting BaviaansPoort prison, I realized that despite the crimes these inmates have committed, they to have emotions, dreams and interests. 
Upon asking the inmates what’s their dream career, many knew exactly what they wanted to become, but they did not know how to make their dream a reality. They knew what the job entitle, but they didn’t know how to become a teacher, chef or even a builder. Nor did they know what the qualifications were for any of those careers. 
Through the research I noticed that their was a potential gap:
To give the inmates career guidance through designing a Index book listing all the careers that are available/reachable for prisoners after sentencing. 
The book contained Financial implications for every career, the specific institutes where one could become a doctor,lawyer or builder, and definitions of what a doctor, lawyer and builder does.  The index book has a small format,and  must be accessible to all prisoners.
The next phase of the research consisted of prototyping.
The inmates understood the book, and was quite eager to get their hands on this index book. 
The name” Dream Career Guide” was suitable due to the fact that this book is helping them to get one step closer to their dream. 
Stylistic approach:
I decided to use basic illustrated vector images that could help inmates to understand what the book is about. 
Colour palette:
The booklet is solely for men, and therefore the palette consist of a fresh char-blue, grey and red.
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