Dr. Marwa Maher is a Famous OB/GYN Doctor in Saudi Arabia, however, She's Egyptian and was born and raised there, so she decided that it's time to come home! What she wanted was to build herself a strong Personal Branding to succeed in her own country as well.

Challenges & Task
The biggest obstacle was that the logo's main purpose is as a personal branding for Dr. Marwa Maher herself, first of all it has to refer to her and also gives a quick idea of what she's doing.
The second challenge is that OB/GYN & Infertility is not an easy field and building a logo takes a lot of inspiration from a variety of images, shapes, tools, and even women!

The logo has to deliver a happy feeling mixed with hope to emphasize the core message which is "From Pregnant to a Happy Mother".

Inspiration & Attributes
Here are some of the Image That I surfed to be able to build a new idea.

Happily, at a certain moment a new idea started to form in my mind, so I had to catch it with a quick sketch hoping that I could transform it into a winner concept.
Concept Idea
The best thing about this concept was that it takes quite some time to realize its hidden message making it easier to remember and recognize, here's what it's all about
Symbol Construction
To transform this quick style sketch into a real logo I had to use Golden Ratio and circles to give it that motivational feeling of the curves and rounded edges.
Typography exploration
At this step I had to test various fonts to see how it looks with the symbol, the main idea was trying to find a typeface that looks balanced in both English and Arabic and also has the same happy feeling in it.
Finalizing the logo
After being able to find the perfect match for the symbol now it's time to make sure that everything looks perfect.
Clear spaces
The logo should be surrounded with a clear space to insure its visibility and impact. This clear space should be equals to "x" x= :)
Logo Variations
The Logo has to be responsive to be used on different applications without problems, Vertical, Horizontal, stand-alone symbol and even text only versions are made to make it even more responsive.
RTL Version
As I mentioned in the "Story" the doctor is planning to start her way in Egypt, so and RTL version of the logo was quite essential.
It's important to determine which fonts will be used and what for? The Brand main font was STC font family in both English and Arabic.
As you can see OB/GYN clinic is mainly women filed, so the logo has to have feminine colors to attract women.
Colors Variations
The Logo should always contrast with the background. There are 6 versions of the Logo colors to ensure simplicity and readability in all printing processes and digital needs.
 Stationary and Brand's Elements
Client: Dr. Marwa Maher
Agency: Ataki Studio
Creative designer: Ali Rashidy
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Dr. Marwa Maher Logo and Brand Identity Design

Dr. Marwa Maher Logo and Brand Identity Design

Dr. Marwa Maher Logo and Brand Identity Design She is a Famous OB/GYN Doctor in Saudi Arabia, however, She's Egyptian and was born and raised the Read More


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