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    Character and Story development.
Character design and development for the upcoming animated series Luka Starbuster by Lightbox Studios.
Series created by Abraham Aguiar and Augusto Velazquez.
Here are the main concepts for Luka, the main character. It's been a nice progression. He started out as an 8 year-old and by the end of the writing process we turned him 14.
Here he was about 12 years-old
Some of the sketches, finding the final look for the whole show
These are from the archive, the first developing and laying out ideas for the character. Here, he's still 8 years-old
This is his future self. All grown up and one of the best warriors in the galaxy
These are the concepts for Jack Nutdriver, formely known as Jack Starbuster, the greatest warrior of the galaxy.
Concepts for General Omm, the Troop's leader and strategist.
Here are a few concepts for his alien friends, Squiddy and X-tevvy. Also what the uniform of what a 3rd year pilot would look like.
Human characters. Family, friends and foe.
General slug concepts. The most fearsome pilot of the galaxy.
The main villains, King Morg and his army of Morguers, the evil slugs! The Slugs go into the armor.
Concepts for the 3 different classes of the Starforce Race.
Scale sheet with all the characters.