Scent is the oldest sense. It is primordial. That is why odors evoke strongest and the most basic emotions. The emotions that seem to be irrational sometimes. Yet there is nothing irrational about them. We have to know what is foul and what is good. Survival and well-being are at stake.

Our odoratic client is called "Biblioteka Aromatov" ("The Fragrance Library"). They both distribute locally the world-famous DEMETER and create their own home scented goods. They have built their collection of smells around that primordial deconstruction. It allows one to pick some simple basic odors, combine them knowingly and create own combinations that induce the needed emotional response.

That deconstruction is reflected in a logo. A star-shaped mandala of smell being scented by a girly nose. United and yet made up of elementary units. So elementary it is reminiscent of particle physics diagrams. The deep knowledge of what scents so good.

#shukadesign                   2018

Combining the collection allows the owner to create fragrances that are always unusual, if not traditionally pleasant. Do you know that weird feeling when something smells like green would taste? We have created for "Biblioteka Aromatov" a set of illustrations that combine essences that seem incompatible. Not for a primordial sense though. A donut and a thunderstorm. A coconut and a sea wave. A lobster and a tennis ball.
Nothing stimulates creativity as much as a weird odor that seems to be from the childhood. It might be from the childhood of our species. 

Well anyway. Smell you later.
art direction → Dasha Zudina
design and illustrations → Valya Lazareva
logo → Ekaterina Sedunova 

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