Human Nature
I had a privilege to work on visuals for great guys from Circle.
My goal was to create visuals for their new web site.
Visuals that combine technology, nature and human forms.
Visuals that transcend delicacy of thought, creativity and Human Nature.

Artificial Intelligence
Forms define the whole essence. There is no other perfect inspiration than mirroring the nature in your work. This visual represents the balance between thought and nature. Intelligence simplified to its core.
Senses tingle when beautiful is absorbed by our eyesight and transmitted to brain for it to appreciate. This visual sets up the composition of all around precision and full control over the execution.
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Perfection is boring. Individuality is brought up and underlined with those imperfections we hold within our self. Missing rib is the representation of human nature, which does not lead to flaw, but rather transcends into perspective.
Countable twists and turns of thought within our mind never find the final destination and peace of state. That is the inspiration for the constant urge for development and improvement.
Listening is the hardest part of communication. Natural instinct of our kind is to speak above all.
In the lack of information our brain pixelates the missing parts or fills it with imaginary elements. This visual shows the process of filling up the blanks.
It’s the idea of being strong that tricks our mind into thinking we are safe, rather than muscles and walls. But isn’t that the main point?
The most mysterious and magical natural process of birth is even more impressive when life strives to survival, at any cost!
Interlinked entity brought together by mankind and almost starting to have its own life. Never slows down and never settles, just like blood cells flow in our body.
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Human Nature

Human Nature

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