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  • University Library Utrecht

    Kim Zwarts was invited to create a motif for the glasspanels of the façade of the new University Library of Utrecht, to reduce sunlight penetration and protectthe books. Finally a black and white print of willowtrees was printed in the silkscreen technic on the glass façades. The same motif was used in the concrete and casted to create a bas-relief on the solid parts of the building. They form the closed concrete volumes which mark the book depositories of the building.
    Date:2001-2004. Architect: Wiel Arets.
    Panels:161-363 cm. each. 5.500m2 screenprinted glass. 5.100m2 concrete in bas-relief

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  • UBU in situ
  • UBU in situ
  • UBU in situ