Yellow Window was able to successfully develop a new style of mobility in Brussels through the introduction of the Bombardier Tram.
The latest step in the transition to the new identity is the development and launch of a new generation of metro, to be introduced at the end of 2019. The project was unique, among other reasons, due to the “design-first” approach, in which the vehicle’s design process commences alongside the preparation of bid specifications.
To begin the project Yellow Window conducted user research in several countries and aligned the collected data with internal stakeholders to achieve an innovative and clear-cut concept design.
An ambitious, coherent and highly detailed design specification was presented, which CAF was able to meet in full. The M7 will become the highlight of the 15-year collaboration between Yellow Window and MIVB/STIB.
During this cooperation Yellow Window designed different generations of various types of vehicles and is still harmonizing the fleet with a high-end look and feel worthy of the European capital. The identity of the fleet strives for a harmony with its surroundings and a deep correlation with the image of the city. Thanks to the more feminine, elegant and emotional feel of the fleet, Yellow Window was able to create something truly unique.
MIVB - Metro M7 Brussels