1(c) Copyright Cinimod Studio
This project was for Cinimod Studio. I was hired to create all of the visual assets for an Aquarium in Unity video game engine. It had to be fully interactive. Pictured here is a small-scale version of the project, seen in a Gallery in Amsterdam. The final product is being shown in a Shopping Mall in Peru.
Here is the Tuna scene. On the large scale projection version, this scene will be darker, allowing the public to touch the screen and light up those areas.
Pictured above is the coral reef scene. The Coral reef is particularly interesting, as it was produced using a 2.5D geometry technique. I photo-composited various high res imagery of coral reef, attached them to flat planes and sculpted/modeled out from those. I also included Smoke particles in-between each plane to give it more depth.
An overall shot of Cinimod Studios' gallery.