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    Ink, oil and pencil on Bockingford paper (2013)
‎'Less is More’, oil, ink and pencil on Bockingford paper, 56x76cm (2013) by Louise McNaught

In this piece the woman is contemplative and uncomplicated in her thought and demeanour. Her hair is gathered out of the way and she is simply ‘being’, eyes closed, deep in thought. Pure and light, like the flowers in her hair….
The title of this piece is tied into the symbolic meaning of the white rose, being purity, innocence, silence, humility, and youthfulness – as so described in Floriography. Floriography or the language of flowers is an elegant and subtle code that was used to express feelings and emotions that the speakers were not willing to vocalize during the Victorian era. As the language of flowers contained more than just roses; the plants, herbs and flowers that they’re grouped with can add subtle nuances to their message of innocence and purity….
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