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    Promotional and Marketing Images created for the Band Buraka Som Sistema for the launch of their album entitled "KOMBA"
The wild beats of Angolan Kuduro music has been big in Lisbon clubs since the late 90s but Buraka Som Sistema – AKA J-WOW, Riot, Kalaf andConductor – have fused it with 21st century electronics to create a whole new sound. Now this electro ghettotech take on their favourite South West African music has is quickening and corrupting dancefloors all over the world on the basis of an EP with sounds not many have heard before.
For their new Album called "KOMBA", released Deember 2012. Buraka asked me to create Portraits both indivdually & collectivly that would appeal to their growing fan base anywhere in the world.
It was one of my favorite projects of the year, a great bunch of guys to work with who make infectious music.
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