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➕F A B L
🐒 He sat down at the table while taking a sip from his warm banana flavorued milk.Eventhough there was not anybody sitting on it, he still eyed the chair from top to bottom and said “My mind is messed up, there is a guy next room trying to get attention with claiming that future and past is one within the other. His voice is so deep that, he will drown on his own voice soon”  But this little blind monkey was deaf as well...

🐍 My name is white snake, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I was jammed into the most cliche story ever that you could imagine and I started the hedonistic sustainability as it was expected from me. Now enjoy it. 
🐖 “In 6 days” “In 6 days” “In 6 days” !!
Shouted all the pigs, It sounded as if everyone who is living on earth and who died before yelled together. “He created it in 6 days” that was the most terrible sound I have ever heard.
-was it god? Asked the noble one
-No! Said the one at the bottom of hierarchy and added;
-just one of us.

🐸  Nothing   is as beautiful as earth, that I can say as someone who is working for Nasa.
-No no! This didn’t cut it, let’s try it again, yeah what were we saying?
   I can guarantee you there is no better spicies than me on this earth, that I can say as someone who is      working for Nasa.
- yeah, that’s way better!
  And then the mirror speaks (like they always do)
- Will that be a kind of those stories where you know the ending, if I say you have never worked for Nasa.
- please never speak without permisson again!

➕F A B L