KD—LOUNGE (2018)

As a student initiated series of lectures at University of Applied Science Constance, KD–Lounge is dealing with design and associated disciplines. 
In summer semester '18 KD—LOUNGE welcomed five guests: Pascal Botlik, Hubertus Design, Andrea Grützner, Kurzgesagt and Studio Feixen.

Every event was promoted with individual posters and animations. 
The inspiration was the work of the mentioned speaker and visual experiments we previously did.
With the opportunity to do whatever we want, we took both and combined them in our own kind of laboratory.

Pascal Botlik (Konstanz)
Hubertus Design (Zürich)
Andrea Grützner (Berlin/ New York)
Kurzgesagt (München)
Studio Feixen (Luzern)

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KD—Lounge | Communication Design | HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences
KD—LOUNGE (2018)