Design for a furniture webshop. The furniture is scandinavian, hence the more scandinavian look on the webshop, and to brighten up the day even more: the background is a blurred version of the northern sky above the forest in the afternoon.
Here, first image, is the images in a grid-system, and the yellow boxes are the search words I used in the search box. To add more, one clicks the search icon and write searchwords + enter. To remove search words, one simply clicks the little circle+cross to remove it.
When clicking on one of the pictures above, the one you click will flip and more information will be shown about the object. Click "Images" for a larger slideshow and "Buy" to put in basket.
A larger sllideshow will appear when clicking "Images".
This is the weekly newsletter users of the webshop would recieve. Containing data about the past week such as sales, top users etc.