Clapton Arts Trust logo/letterhead/header visuals
visual identity

I wanted to show the project from initial doodles
(while sitting up in bed watching the TV in this case)
to slightly worked up sketches and on to final artwork.

They are presented here in the order I worked on them.


(I was asked to try and include a household feline)

Refining things a bit...
ABOVE - I remembered to include a music graphic.

Development of two more concepts
A shield logo...  

...and a website cover page or poster/article illustration

The beams and columns illustrates the locally unique structure of
the horse drawn Tram Depot.

Part-coloured roughs, not final colour visuals.
illustration for webcover page or could be adapted to illustrate an article or be developed into a poster.

Just so there's an alternative
The text logo with simple graphic element below is more in line with
other arts trusts in the UK.

It doesn't speak to the historic nature of the depot or the sculptors, metal workers and carpenters but it is clean and has a generic look that would accommodate any changes in direction or emphasis long term.

Continuing work on the illustration...

I've added a band saw on the far right and a set of cutting torches to signify that there are carpenters as well as a metalworking forge (Horse Workshops) in the depot.

The piano needs to be moved to the left and another element introduced in the centre foreground but it's getting there...    ...if slowly.
The "shield" logo progressed
Final finished visualsjust minor tweaks needed
Below - a visual for a stamp or possibly a watermark. 

Finished artwork
The approximate size it will be used in the trust's email signatureand most printed matter
Just for fun - distortion of the shield logo
M: 07794 195 444
Clapton Arts Trust logo/letterhead/header visuals

Clapton Arts Trust logo/letterhead/header visuals

Visual identity for new arts trust - logo, letterhead, website header. The trust will be based in an Victorian Tram Depot, cover all sorts of art Read More