"Beyond the Beyond" - Jun 17 2010
2012 is the year when I start studying about speed painting. I saw some speedpaintings on deviantArt, I love it and I know that they are not just paintings done in a short amount of time, although there are still some people who call their doodle painting that was finished within 30 minutes or less as speedpainting. In other case there are people who also call speeded up painting process video as “speedpainting video”.  It made me confused.
To understand and to fill my curiosity about speedpainting, on April 14 2012, I started my first  try
"Lone Warrior" Apr 14 2012
It was just something simple that came to my mind so I could paint within a short time. It was a mistake. I came to realize that speedpainting is not about something “simple”. It’s simple in the outside indeed, but not in the inside. So it’s not something simple and quick.
"Consulting" Apr 15 2012
"Are You lost?" Apr 20 1012
My second and third was painted on April 15 and April 20. I put a story and create mood this time by using foundation in tone which people call value.
"Demon" Jun 19 2012
I found a group about speed painting on deviantart. It’s called dA-speedpaint. It is a group that helps people who are new to speedpainting by holding a daily contest named Speedy du Jour (gibber French for Speedpainting of the day). It helped me a lot to understand more about speed painting. 
"A Usual Morning Trip" Jun 16 2012
"Town on a Valley" Jun 18 2012
"Below the Falls"  Jun 21 2012
"What's left" Jul 18 2012
"Golden Night" Jul 31 2012
"Cerulean Blue" Aug 30 2012
"Afternoon Hunt" Nov 4 2012
"...it was there" Nov 1 2012
Some paintings above won the daily contest and got featured
Town on a Valley was featured on Jun 20, 2012
Below the Falls was featured on Jun 24, 2012
...it was there was featured on Nov 3, 2012
Afternoon Hunt was featured on Nov 7, 2012
In conclution..
Speed painting takes a lot of time... to think. So I can put those concept to a painting with short amount of time
I learn a lot of things that now I can use the speed painting technique for different purposes: character designing, story boarding and... comics!
Moving forward 2013!
Started using more than two brushes and making custom brushes
"Girl and Forest" Jan 1 2013