Irrational wanted a period- and age-appropriate look for young Liz, so that’s what I was aiming for- I wanted to maintain someof the feel and color blocking of her original adult costume, but still make it unique enough to show a younger, softer Elizabeth.
final in-game model for young Liz
final 2D concept for young Liz
young Liz | first round of early concepts
young Liz | second round of concepts, trying to refine and nail down the details within the general silhouette
young Liz | skirt detailing options
young Liz | damage states
young Liz - hair options
NPC's/ background characters | generic population costume concepts
The Lutece twins were meant to be mirror images of each other- composed as scientists, but still slightly offputting/creepy.
final in-game models for the Lutece twins
Robert Lutece | final full body clothing concept, designed to match Rosalind's suit
Rosalind Lutece | costume concepts (final on the right)
The Lutece twins | facial studies
Rosalind Lutece | early portrait
Rosalind Lutece | final face design
Tremendous thanks to Jorge Lacera and the team at Irrational for briefly welcoming me into the fold- as a huge fan of the franchise I was blown away when they hit me up to do some concept work, and it was an absolute pleasure to contribute in even the tiniest way to what is looking to be an amazing game.