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Sangha Kali typeface (free)

Sangha Kali typeface based on 
Sangha typeface and was optimized 
for the digital use. Both of typefaces 
are inspired by the Brahmic scripts 
(Tibetan and Devanagari writing systems), 
which was used by languages of several 
language families: Indo-European, 
Dravidian, Tibeto-Burman, Mongolic 
(Soyombo alphabet), Austroasiatic, 
Austronesian, Tai.

The name of Sangha Kali based on 
the traditional dance of one of the most 
orthodox Brahmin caste – Nambudiri. 
This socio-religious dance is dedicated 
to Goddess Kali, and save numerous 
gymnasium techniques (known as 'Kalaris') 
in ancient Kerala where physical exercises 
and military training with special emphasis on 
physical feats and swordsmanship were given. 
Sangha Kali typeface (free)


Sangha Kali typeface (free)

Sangha Kali typeface based on Sangha typeface and was optimized  for the digital use. Both of typefaces are inspired by the Brahmic scripts (Tibe Read More