PEGA VR4 , 2016

VR4 was designed based on the PC usage scenario. In the future, more content will be presented in the VR form, and the content will be useful in people’s lives, for example, VR in video, online stores, social networks or productivity applications.

Most of the existing VR products were created solely for experiencing VR. We believe that the future of VR experiences lies in both existing activities and services, just like current multimedia and services. Therefore, the VR experience should be expanded from the existing product and gradually introduced into people’s lives.

SHORT and FRAGMENTED VR experiences have become 
the easiest way to bring the general users to nto the VR world 
VR multimedia will spread quickly due to the popularity of 360 photography. There will be more VR content appearing in social networking and video platforms. This type of VR experience is the easiest way to approach general users, because it is instant, agile, simple and does not have complex operations. In addition, the hardware specifications are not as demanding as hard VR devices, and user's learning burden is relatively low. Bringing general users into the VR world is the first step, the next will be increasing the popularity of high-end VR devices for producitvity activities.

Smoothly switch from PC environment to VR environment 
Professionals often need to do some 3D engineering or imagination works in creative fields. However, there is a big difference between images displayed on the screen and the actual environmental experiences, and the VR4 can fill this gap. In such scenarios, the VR4 provides the most convenient way to increase work efficiency. It lets users smoothly switch between 2D and VR environments. Additionally, the VR4 headset is wireless which upgrades the quality of immersion.

VR4 is a personal computer that runs on the windows 10 operating system. It contains a VR headset and a docking station at the bottom. Users can do general activities such as web browsing, office works, watching videos and so on, using it as a personal computer.When users want to experience the VR content, they can take the headset from the docking station, and immerse themselves in the VR environment smoothly without any annoying hardware installation or software adjustments. After users put the headset back into the docking station, it will return to the windows environment automatically.

Credits : YuHsun Chung, Deson Wang