G table
G table
Designers: Andrii Berezynsky
Collaborators: Anna BespalaAnatoliy Visikirskiy
Materials: steel, fundermax
Project Year: 2016 
Produced: Kyiv, Ukraine
Photo credits: Yevhenii Avramenko
Table-transformer G-table can be considered a model of functional minimalism. The box for electrification, designed specifically for Apple notebook charges, is closed with valves with an integrated adapter for chargers, stationery, and even flower pots. 
The valves are fastened in a random order; they can be easily replaced manually at the expense of special loops, turning the table to a transformer. The magnetic pad fixes the cable from the hatch in the floor. One of the valves has a built-in USB that is appropriate for everyday use of gadgets. A stylish hook for the shoulder pad is attached to the frame of the table. The table is made of steel and HPL plastic.
G table