Mont-Saint-Michel shuttle, France
Mont Saint-Michel, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, has undergone a great deal of work to bring back its maritime character as an island.  The consortium launched a tender process to run this service, won by Transdev, including the construction of a car park 2 km from the site to decongest the surroundings of all traffic and parking, as well as the manufacture of two-way shuttle buses to access the site.

Transdev commissioned Yellow Window to design this unusual shuttle bus and the car park furniture.

Yellow Window supported Transdev from the launch of the tender process and this cooperation continued throughout the project lifecycle, from defining the design concepts to establishing the industrial specifications of the vehicle in conjunction with the teams from the constructors Cobus and Caetano.
2008 - 2012
By putting design at the heart of the project, Yellow Window wanted to help bring out the magic of the site.
The man-made elements were designed to be non-intrusive, preserving the timeless beauty of the place and gradually revealing Mont Saint-Michel to visitors arriving there either on foot or by shuttle bus.

Restraint, respect, and a lasting, timeless character were the key words that underpinned the design of the shuttle and the outdoor furniture.  These intentions were translated into the adoption of a formal language inspired by the horizontal nature of the walkway and raw materials in harmony with the maritime environment, such as wood or Corten steel.
TRANSDEV - Mont-Saint-Michel shuttle, France