Inter - Stars Of San Siro

The project “stars Of San Siro” is part of the 2018/2019 campaign for Inter’s seasonal tickets. The landing page follows the same concept of the printed campaign: “Come to Rebhold the stars". The goal of the landing page is to explain the contest reserved to inter's members and it will give the possibility to win a night inside the Meazza’s stadium for the St. Lorenzo's night.
To better communicate the contest, a video in one continuous shot was realized. Starting from the middle of the Meazza’s stadium, the users can scroll and control the flow of the video, for each scroll a caption goes deeper and deeper in the explanation of the contest, to finally arrive at the zenith point of the night sky where the users reach the key-visual of the campaign. This part of the site was realized with a complex parallax that interacts with the mouse, adding a sense of movement and lightness as to resemble the movement of the clouds in the sky.

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Inter - The Masterpiece:
ADCI Awards 2018 - 3x Silver, 6x Bronze and EPICA Awards 2018 - 1x Bronze​​​​​​.

Inter - Stars Of San Siro