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SIZI Japanese Spices -Speaking Volumes -

SIZI Japanese Spices - Speaking Volumes -
Branding / Art Direction / Packaging / Graphic Design 

Design often depends on graphic elements and texts to provide information. This thesis explores how to create a visual and haptic language that communicates without relying on specific languages, letterforms or graphic symbols. For this project, I approach the experience of a package through the senses, capitalizing on texture, form, tone, and materials. 
Embossing plates

Instead of having standard shopping bag, I designed a multiple use fabric bag. I wanted to create the moment that people use their senses through the product I made, I used fabric which has unique tactility also matches to the branding concept and other designs.
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Art Direction/Branding/Package/Product Photography: 
Kazuha Otake

Store Design: Ryutaro Arai
Uniform Design: Tomi
Fashion Photography: Peng Yu Chen
Uniform Model: Owen Law
Hand Model: Shanshan Chen
Assistant: Terumi Saito

Special Thanks to: 
Professor Jean Brennan 
Professor Alisa Zamir

SIZI Japanese Spices -Speaking Volumes -
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Kazuha Otake