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Tips To Make the Ceiling Look Higher
Whether you are fond of traditional home design or a minimalist, you will want your home to look bigger and spacious. When we talk about making the home look wider and bigger, we usually talk about the horizontal space. However, the matter of fact is that you can work on horizontal spaces to create an illusion of wideness and spaciousness in the home’s interior. Having that said, you need to make sure that ceiling of your home looks higher. Well, don’t worry. You will not have to actually increase the height. There are some design techniques which can do the trick of showing an increased height.
Low profile furniture
If you think that furniture with long legs is not quite functional in your home’s interior, you can replace it with the low profile furniture. The benefit of choosing furniture with short legs is that the overall height of furniture would look quite adjusting in the room with lower ceiling. In fact, it will make the wall of the room look quite higher.
High hanging curtains
One of the ways to create an illusion of height is to draw attention to the higher point. For this purpose, you can use high curtains. Thus, you may not want to stop at the top of window frame. You can go up until you reach the height only one foot below the ceiling. Hang curtains form that height. This way, you should be able to make your ceilings look taller.
Stripes on the wall
Another amazing way of making the ceilings look taller is to attach wallpapers or make stripes which would run along the height of the wall. Those stripes make the people look the wall from bottom to the top.
Hanging mirrors higher
The bigger benefit of mirrors is that they make a space look bigger and wider by providing reflection of the space. While mirrors can certainly make the horizontal area look wider, you can use them to create height illusion in pretty effective way by hanging them a bit higher.
Recessed lighting
While a chandelier can certainly look great, it can sometimes make the overall room to look quite smaller from the perspective of height. The reason is that it hangs considerably down. So, you can go for the recessed lighting instead of arranging one main source of light. To add a wow factor, you can do some wall paneling. Faux brick panels can really make the interior of the home look great.