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    A walk-through experience of different ways people use Evernote for inspiration.
First Launch Experience
Many people are interested when they hear of Evernote, but often aren't sure of how they can use it. The goal of the new first launch experience was to provide users with inspiration and ideas of ways to use Evernote before they're thrown right into the app. 
As lead designer, I created several iterations of the layout and interactions, which my product manager and I tested with dozens of users. In the end, we arrived at a playful and informative solution for the recently re-designed iOS versions of Evernote. The experience has been well received, and we are currently working to extend it to other platforms. 
When Evernote is launched, users are presented with a prompt to see how people use the app, but also have the option to skip sign in or create an account. 
iPhone scenario with a snippet of a sample note. 
There are five scenarios to swipe through. Tapping will flip the cards over to reveal a sample note to teach users how they could apply the example into Evernote.