This was a proposal for a simple and fun app named Giftagram, that enables you to send real gifts from your mobile phone in seconds. Giftagram is geared towards 25 to 50 year olds with a focus on young professionals in urban centers.
The logotype I created for "Giftagram" is a based on the Netto typeface. The logotype presents a ligature between the letter "f" and the letter "t". The "i" is missing the redundant dot without impending the readability of the entire word. Between the letter "t" and the "a", and also between the "r" and "a", a union is slightly suggested. These particularities make the logotype truly bespoke.
The symbol was created to be used as a mobile app. It is memorable, easy to spot on the phone screen, it is confident, dynamic, it also looks great in one color, and it also looks cool ;) .
An alternative icon proposal representing a gift box, a wrapped candy, the letter "g", and two hearts.
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