Kristal Elma 2018 - Festival of Creativity
Crystal Apple is the most prestigious advertising award ceremony in Turkey. Now, we celebrate its 30th year. In honor of its new age, we selected ‘love’ as key theme. And call it as ‘the product of our love’.

T H E   I N S I G H T

Turkish advertising community was lost their beliefs about ‘creativity’. They were forgot why they have already started that crazy work. Long office hours, no weekend holiday, can’t join family gathering, can’t read boks, can’t watch films, snoozed me times, our lovely cervical disc hernias, super duper migraine etc… If we are not fallin in love with creativity, could we continue to do it everyday? So we determined the insight as ‘love’.
Creativity is love.
And the fruit of our love: Crystal Apple

T H E   D E S I G N

To put more love into the festival, we changed award logo’s apple form with hearth-shaped apple form and created Crystal Apple Awards’ 30th years logo.

T H E   K E Y   A R T

We took ‘arrow’ from the award logo and used it on our key arts. We shooted arrows to famous local creatives. And we used a soft colored background and serif-font to support the love theme.


T H E   S O C I A L   C O N T E N T S

And we adapted the key art concept to social contents. We used romantic quotations about important announcement posts by creating typographic world.

T H E   A W A R D   B E L T

Creativity Awards Nights…
We lost our Crystal Award when we were accepting the greetings.
We dropped it to the floor, when we were dancing.
We couldn’t carry them, if we won too many apples.
It’s time to celebrate creativity with our special designed Award Belt!
We designed a belt which you could put three of your awards into it.
Please watch the film for more information.

Client: Reklamcılar Derneği
Advertising Agency: Tribal Worldwide İstanbul

Managing & Creative Director: Arda Erdik
Creative Director: Başar Bellisan
Art Director & Designer: İsmail Anıl Güzeliş, Emre Karaca, Sezen Balcı
Copywriter: Merve Selamet, Sanlı Kayabölen
Social Media: Gürkan Ateş, Atakan Bostancıoğlu
Project Manager: Göktuğ Yurt

Photographer: Cihan Ünalan
Retoucher: Cihan Ünalan, Alper Sümer​​​​​​​
Producer: Bahadır Karataş, Fatih Çoruh [Rpresenter İstanbul]

Agency Producer: Ümit Bak

2018, İstanbul-Turkey

Kristal Elma 2018 - Festival of Creativity
Multiple Owners
İsmail Anıl Güzeliş