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ecotube / idea

How to reduce way from the factory to the store shelf using only eco-friendly materials?

 - Idea -
Eco-tube package
for clothes

- No plastic!
- Ecologic design!
- 100% Recycled maerials!
- Takes up little space during transport
- No damage in transport (clothes are in tubes on the shelves)
- No dameges from pierced magnetic chips (chip is inside tube)

"Clothing in more than 90% companies go to the plastic bags, then packed in carton boxes by styles and sizes, and then transported to the wholesalers / stores. Before get the shelf, every thing need to extract and pierce to add a protective magnetic chip. it takes a lot of time and money - therefore, pay for a group of people. In less than 10% of the shops are packed things in to large plastic bags or baskets, clothes messed up and need to collect, divided into types, models, sizes and designs and also mark / protect by the magnetic chip. The system is imperfect, things are damaged during unpacking and pierced (protected chips) in stores. The entire process takes a lot of time. There is a simple solution"

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ecotube / idea

ecotube / idea

Ecotube for clothing