Motivated by curiosity I enter into my parents’ storage. Following the process of collecting I draw my material, creating an archive of decommissioned objects. Based on the constructional principles of montage and taking into account the dependencies of heterogeneous objects, I try to understand and thereafter to «talk» about my family. In order to achieve this, along with the physical work effort, I intend to explore the related concepts, as given in separate sections: «the collector», «the montage» and «the bricoleur». As the objects are treated as the fossil of the experienced relations, projections of an intellective bricolage are given in parallel, resulting to the production of a series of objects of transcendental use.
Master Thesis for my Postgraduate Studies in Architectural Design 
Department of Architects of the University of Thessaly 
supervisor: Alexandros Psychoulis

Volos 2012 

An archive of the thoughts and the development of the project construction exists in http://object-ion.tumblr.com/
Ποτέ δεν ήμουν μόνη / I was never alone
μπάλα, σωλήνες, παπούτσια / ball, tubes, shoes
100 x 153 cm
father obscura
ρόδες, σκελετός ρολογιού, γραφείο, ποδήλατο, ύφασμα / wheels, clock, desk, bicycle, cloth
320 x 77 x 77 cm
μαμά τέρμα η ρήτρα / mother stop the clause
γραφομηχανή, καροτσάκι, χαρτί / typewriter, wheelbarrow, paper
97 χ 48 χ 41 cm
σίδερο / iron
23 χ 11.2 χ 11.2 cm
ο κηδεμόνας του ύπνου / guardian of sleep
βαλίτσα, μηχανη ενδοσυνεννόησης γουόκι τόκι, ρολόι, ζώνη / suitcase, walkie talkie intercom machine, watch, belt
60 χ 35 x 15 cm
παράθυρο, ατμοποιητής χαλιών / window, carpet steamer
175 x 48 x 50 cm
χωρίς τίτλο / untitled
μπιμπερό, πορσελάνινο χέρι, γάλα / bottle, porcelain hand milk
5.3 x 22.5 cm
family as object

family as object

Master Thesis

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