The third part of EPICENTER is a competition by Epic Esports Events that will take place in Moscow from April 27 to May 6. 
The main event will be held at VTB Ice Palace on May 4–6. This is an opening Intro for the ceremony.
I was working on 3 main (Roshan, Jaggernaut, Shadow Fiend) and 2 additional scenes of this Intro  (Radiant Tower, Dire Tower). 
My aspects are: modelling, texturing, shading and light setup of the environment. VFX and characters were made by other 3d-Artists. 
It was great experience for me. Thanks Artem Shcherbakov and Zhe-Shee Production
Below is Roshan's scene - a battle between good and evil.
Shadow Fiend is bound in magical chains and there is no chance for him to escape from a dark and cold cave.
These're additional scenes.
Renders in clay material.
Dota-2 Epicenter | Cinematic Trailer