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Life Under the Northern Lights

Life Under the Northern Lights —  Our book introduces you to 35 creatures living and extinct, from tiny birds to the largest animal ever to have graced this planet. It tells you about what they look(ed) like, how they live(d) and also elaborates on how they fare amid all the dramatic changes that are taking place in our environment today. These animals are all bound together by the habitat they share, the Arctic Circle. We have chosen to present this cold and unforgiving place in our book because this is where the signs of our time are most apparent, where nature’s calls for action are loudest yet most unheard. We want to bring you, the reader, closer to the realization that we as 
a species need to listen to these calls and act on them with everything in our power, 
no matter how small the effect may seem. But at the same time, clear and loud our 
core message may be, we also wanted to present you with a beautiful and enjoyable way of learning about some of the most extraordinary creatures we share 
our planet with.

Design & illustration — Ivett Lénárt
Text — Attila Korsós​​​​​​​
Proofreader — Leana Clothier
Cover by — Gravus 
Paper — Munken 120 g


Life Under the Northern Lights