Urban jellyfishes is my free street art projekt.

As I made this creatures for an photo shooting, I started to look for a gallery, because it looked good in the studio and it could look much better in the gallery. But everyone told me: “it looks great, but we could not make money with installations like this”. That was sad.

So I put them under the bridge, because this place has a right underwater-colored-light and it is windy there. They look as they belong to that place. I got amazing feedback from people. Every time I pass by I see people staying there, making pictures and enjoying the installation. The jellyfishes are hanging for about 3 monthes there and no one takes them away. People just love them!
It is also a message about plastic in the oceans. 
Big thanks to everyone for the feedback and Marcel Panne for supporting me with tis video!
Musik credits: Nils Frahm
Urban Jellyfishes