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    A tired walrus in a floating thing like the Jetsons and a chamber like Kang...or Kodos.
This piece of work was made up from my imagination - a lot of influences were in this (Earthworm Jim, King Kong, me actually yawning and a few more but I forgot). Anyway it all came together and the digital inking came out like this:
I took this little bad boy to Illustrator and tried to think of a colour scheme and ended up with this:
So I came up with the image you see above and as you can tell, I was trying to go for a simple colour scheme. Then I thought "no". Then I thought to experiment with gradients. So I did. And I came up with the final illustration:
I named the last illustration "Tired Traveler - Rare Edition", due to the fact I created a gold gradient for the first time and taught myself. 
The whole idea behind the Tired Traveler "collection" was to have a little fun, learn some new things and regain some old knowledge from Photoshop and apply it to Illustrator. Really fun to do and was super proud so I put it here.