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The following music posters were designed by an artist called Roberto Perrino
The following designs were taken from google images
What similarities do these posters share?
Just from quickly scanning over the images the main similarities on each poster are points such as the text is really bold and striking, the text is usually placed central whether that would be in the middle, top or bottom of the page.  The actual overall designs vary as some of the posters have been constructed together with photography where other pieces have been produced by illustrators (these are more towards the bottom of the examples).  Also on most of the posters the designer has included some of the featured music artistes/bands and the main events are in a bigger text size.
Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by a ticket holder over 18 years old. Under 13 (12 and under) are admitted free but MUST be accompanied by a ticket holding adult.  The Information Tent handles a large variety of queries from festival goers and has details of all local transport services etc. The Welfare Tent is situated in the Village Area and is open 24 hours from Wednesday to Monday and offers general welfare, assistance and advice, a drugs advisory service, sexual health advice, counselling, a messages service and they will help distressed / missing people. 
The following items are not allowed to be brought into the site by ticket holders:

- Excessive amounts of alcohol ie more than for personal consumption
- Any alcohol in the possession of anyone under 18
- Excessive amounts of cigarettes ie more than for personal consumption
- Excessive amounts of food ie more than for personal consumption
- Glass bottles or containers
- Illegal substances
- Portable laser equipment or pens
- Unauthorised professional film or video equipment*
- Audio recorders
- Fireworks
- Flares or Chinese lanterns
- Generators (exemption for generators within campervans)
- Any goods with unauthorised Reading / Leeds Festival logos
- Any goods for unauthorised trading
- Any items which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon
- Individual camping gas canisters (exemption for gas canisters fitted within campervans).
- Aerosols over 250ml
- Nitrous oxide and legal highs
- Megaphones
- Sound systems
- Air horns
- Spray cans
-  Unofficial Tabards or reflective jackets
development of final piece