it is a breathtaking journey full of pleasure, joy and juice. we don’t remember when it started.
but we are sure it will never end.

a long time ago we were hitchhiking down a lonesome road. all of a sudden, there shined a shiny freak in the middle of the road.

and it said:
​​​​​​​i can’t stand your passiveness, hold my comb!

brand: insprad
agency: insprad
creative director: murat miroğlu
strategist: emre dalkıran
illustrations & animation: murat miroğlu
copywriter: berk toparlak, cansu özyurt
brand manager: yağmur güleryüz
we were stunned. then we looked at each other, and we each said, "yey!"

and the universe went crazy. all the planets did align and turn into a giant wrecking ball hanging like a disco ball all in line. sun and moon became one flaring like pawn and making all the dead fish spawn.

enough with rhyme. now lick it hard!
we licked, we licked, and we liked. until we had enough. maybe it wasn’t the perfect one, but sure was a better one. 

jump into the basin!
it doesn’t matter if it’s good anyway. it matters only if it rocks! the main thing we do is to rock you really bad!
cos we are insprad. and we are rad!
* mutated.