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    Portfolio submission for competitive scholarships
7,304 Days, wood, thread and photographs, 3'x3'x3'
Delicate Balance, wood, rope, wool, and 145lbs of dirt, 12'x6'x3'
Skybox, wood and blankets, 4'x5'x6'
Vessel, cardboard, 8'x3'x4'
Shared Space/Ceremonial Space, embroidered cardigans, 20''x20''
From me to you, wood, pulley, string, and basket, 12'x4''x2''
From me to you (detail)
Mobile Home, plaster, wood, fabric, personal objects, 2'x2'x2'
Home/Chicago/Illinois, cardboard, paper, found objects, 24''x12''x3''
Replica, cotton, 15''x5''