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    My senior capstone project of an abandoned home; installation, mixed media, and photographs were used to create this work.
All work was completed by me and my partner Tina Giordano during my senior year in college. Together we constructed an abandoned home replica in a historic building on campus that was set to be demolished the following summer. 
My process involves photographing an object or space in an abandoned area that has a lot of destruction and/or chaos to it, in my current community of southern Maryland. I then take these photographs and combine them with found objects, which are usually assumed to be trash or waste. The items include chairs, wallpaper, dirt, personal documents, desks and other household items.
         The act of collecting these objects and integrating them with photographs of the areas they were found in allows me to force the viewer into having a physicalized experience that makes them question their own location and space, and how or if they should respond. From these elements I can create a large-scale instillation of multiple layered objects and photographs that embody the voyeuristic denial that allows most of us to turn away from the social issues that inhabit this county. 
360˚ view of the entire installation. Black & White photographic prints on the left & right, installation in the right side room.
View from doorway entrance.
Upper left corner of room.
Up close view of upper left corner.
Ceiling and back left corner view.
Back right corner of room.
Upper right corner of room.