Professional Work 2010
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I've been working at a smail design firm in the San Francisco Bay area for 1 year now. Mostly I've been extending a recently redesigned brand to multiple product lines with exception of a few projects that allowed me more freedom and creativity.
This was a design I proposed for a line of Potstickers sold in club superstores.
I designed this poster on behalf of my company to support the Haiti Poster Project. The project is a collaborative effort by the design community to help effect change through our work. Signed and numbered, limited edition posters have been donated by designers and artists from around the world. All money raised will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.
I extended the new Annie Chun's brand look to these Rice Express packages.
I extended the new Annie Chun's brand to these Meal Starters.
I extended the new Annie Chun's brand look to these Annie Chun's frozen products.
I designed this logo for a small book distributor that works mostly with elementary schools.
I designed this stationary for BookPal.
I designed this bookmark for the company to give out as a promotional piece when customers purchased books.