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    An unofficial redesign concept for the desktop app of Spotify
Inspired by many of whom took on the battle to start redesigning their favorite app. I choose Spotify, an app I frequently use. I love the function of Spotify however I despise the clutter and usability of the app.
Therefore I strived to create a concept which is clutter-free, more user-friendly  and overall better looking than the original app. 
In general the functions remain the same. However not having the ability to hide or reorganize stuff in the sidebar annoyed me quite frequently, since I use Spotify mainly to play playlists and search for new music, I want to be able to have the flexibility to reorganize my sidebar as I wish. 
Also I  created a  sidebar for a playlist which show the user a brief overview of some 'important' facts about the playlist. 
I'm extremely curious what your guys say on this is.