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Illustrations for a game

I was asked to make illustrations for a family quest game in our town this summer. Leuven is a very old town with the oldest university in Belgium (it was built in 1425!). And here are a lot of beautiful attractions. The purpose of the game was to visit 8 places, learn something new and interesting and answer a question. And than guess the keyword and get a prize.

The author of the game is guide so she knows a lot of stuff :)

My tasks were:
create a character - something cute for kids and adults;
create illustrations of attractions with our character;
create layout for postcards with illustrations, text and questions;
create a map of the town with marked attractions;
​​​​​​​create a layout of diploma of town-expert.

So I began with character. Here you can see the drafts and process of evolution of our little Owl.
So this character was created.
Most of the time I create my illustrations with watercolors, color pencils, ink. But for this project I decided to use Photoshop so the process would be faster.

I got the list with attractions from the client and went for a walk - it's very handy to work for a project about your own town.
We could meet with my client and decide together how to show attractions better and combine them with our little Owl.
And here are my favorite illustrations.
Cards with illustrations.
Here is the map.
And everything together.
Illustrations for a game

Illustrations for a game