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    OpenSource Sneaker
In this workshop term was to create a piece of wearable addtion to our body, which could be created with fast prototyping techniques. The Idea behind the Nils RM1 Woven was to create a simple sneaker, which is easy to create and to customize. The whole sneaker I created is constructed from three pieces, the sole, the upper and the laces.
A shoe or a sneaker is one of the basic clothes every one has, the main problem with sneaker is that they are fast out of fashion or they don‘t live as long as you want. The Nils RM1 trys to fix this problem with a three piece concept which can be manufactured with a 3d printer (sole) and a laser cutter for the upper and will hold together by the laces. The upper which could be manufactured from every textile make it easy to customize.
As Inspiration for the sneaker I took the famous Nike Free, I reduced it to the sole which is placed inside the sneaker, the upper is like woven skin around the sole which hold together by the sole.
For the concept I realized different prototypes and tried to figure who to lace it up.