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    Porcelain sculptures inspired by the town of Mór in Hungary
My impression of a lovely little town: Mór
porcelain sculptures
Mór is a small town in Hungary, famous of it's wine, wine cellars and green hills. I fell in love with this place for first sight. There is just something about it. Like when you arrive to a place you've never been before but everyone is treating you like an old friend just came home.
I spent a lot of time walking, wondering around the little old streets, on the vineyards, visited the churches, the castle. Bought fresh milk and vegetables from the old woman in the neighbourhood, talked to locals who welcomed me at their homes. It's a place you feel calm and close to nature.
Mór is also known of it's artists who have created a free art school in the heart of the town. They work together on big sculptures, teaching kids for craft, they help the city to create a strong identity through their work. You can find potter, photographer, smith, sculpture, textile artist, carpenter at one place. Also, they organize symposiums for different fields. I had the honor to participate in their ceramic symposium in 2008. This is how it all started.
I created a series of small porcelain sculptures inspired by my experience of the town. The 14 little sculpture shows my impression of Mór. They all have more less the same basic frame-shape and they become all unique one after the other. Every one of them is a lonely little thought, a memory, a picture in my heart that took shape and came to existance.
They are all white, as my respect to the material I love, porcelain. But also represents a delicate simplicity and distance from the actual experiance. Like your dreams and faded memories without the living momental coloures, I only create the impression, not an explanation.
The sculptures are 3 dimensional and double sided, standing on ruff iron "feet". The slip casted, hand built and hand carved pieces were fired on 1280 celsius, and emerging in the final fire they stand strong for thousands of years to remind us to the lovely little town of Mór.
The pieces were exhibited in the local gallery, and it seemed the people of Mór really found their beloved city captured in white, and I saw them smile as they are proud of their hometown and recognize the familiar details in art pieces. It was great to see how people react to something familiar in such a thing as sculpture that they may not have a particular interest in. But the connection between them and the pieces themself there was this magic place they call home.
After the exhibition the pieces were offered for auction. For my biggest surprise they were all sold except 2 pieces, which I gave away as presents to the ones who helped me in this work.
Dear Mór,
Thank You.