Delicata was born of a small business venture dedicated to selling chorizo—a flavored blend of pork and spicy ingredients—cooked following an old and secret family recipe. Today, the brand offers a vegan alternative made with cauliflower as well as its classic chorizo, and also caters many different salads, cold and hot dishes, and desserts.

During the naming process we identified two words that clearly express the spirit and promise of the brand. The first, "delicatessen”, represents the ready-to-eat nature of the product and also brings to mind the classic image of a retail shop that sells exotic and high-quality foods. The second, “catar”, is the Spanish word for “to taste”. Mixed together, they beautifully make up the name Delicata. To enhance the brand experience, we created a color palette composed of tones inspired by different organic ingredients, mainly the vibrant red hue of dry chile pepper.

Also, we designed the brands’ product line packaging: glass jars for chorizo, bottles for sauces and dressings, and earth-toned, environmentally friendly paper bags for catering services, take-away and delivery orders.


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