Nivea Anti-Dandruff

NIVEA ANTI DANDRUFF Shampoo fortifies your hair making it fuller and stronger.
The Liquid Clear System works from the first wash on to effectively fight dandruff and leaves no burdening residues on hair and scalp. For stronger, well cared hair without dandruff!


Original Serie of Concepts for the look and feel of the effect of the Liquid Clear System. A sequence of macroscopic-like  shots on which the micro pearls act on the hair, the details of how they look, dissolve, and strengthen each hair.
Final version of the Liquid Clear Pearl.
Basic motion / look  test for the 3D version of the pearl concept. Credits : Stephan Haidacher -
General shot of the shampoo approaching and reacting with the hair.
Underwater macro shot of the pearls dissolving into the hair. Particles and fractal smoke. The idea of depth, the underwater look. The clear clean effect through the soft colouring.
Detail 2
The renewed, strong and healthy hair shot.
Nivea Anti-Dandruff     Woman _ 20 sec
Nive Anti-Dandruff    Man _ 30sec

Producing | Thomas Harig
Art Director | Petra Delitsch
Kreation | Vitor Hugo Aguiar
Compositing / VFX | Lene Hönigschmidt
3D | Florian Weyh, Marc Goecke, Babette Kahn, Philip Wibisono, Michael Gottschalk, Stephan Haidacher, Markus Geerts

Agency | Draft FCB Hamburg
Production | OPTIX Digital Pictures
Director | Andreas Pohl