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    Graduation project about the different opinions and stances about the racism and cultural identity debate.
So happy with how my graduation project turned out! It is about my position as an illustrator relative to the racism and cultural identity debate. 
The project itself is named after the island Aristotle fled to, after he was prosecuted because his ideas and philosophies didn't meet the new status quo. For me, it meant a place where I could ask questions and make observations free of the current status quo.
My aim was to try and better understand the problems of the debate and how it is being held. While also looking inward and asking myself the question if I am even allowed to illustrate some of the problems. ​​​​​​​
I have looked into the role of black and white people in our society and what happens if you reverse these roles. I have also taken a look into the possible motives of people and how they form their opinions. All to try and understand what is happening right now.
As a last step, I asked the viewer  for his/her opinion. After viewing my work you could fill in a coloring page, forcing you to think about which role you give to what person. That way, I am trying to get the viewer to think about his/her own opinion and get a discussion going for who is interested.
Want to see more? Send me an e-mail at rueben.millenaar@gmail.com
Thank you for watching!