[003] About the grid. / 그리드에 대하여
About the grid.
Hello, This topic is an obsession with grids.
I think it's probably a symptom that many designers will agree with.
In design, the grid is one of the most important elements that serves as an alignment. 
And if i put into my comics, these guidelines are created.
These lines are set arbitrarily to give a sense of visual stability, but the problem is that we think too much in the process.
There are too many cases because there are no correct answers to layout and alignment.  
After applying these cases to my artwork, it was already dawn, even before I thought for a moment. 
Like these situations.
(1) Let's place the text at the top.  (No, it's too old...)
(2) Well, let's put it in medium on the bottom.  (No, the balance is so bad.)
(3) No, let's just put them in small sizes next to each other.  (Then, it is not legible...) 
(4) (Skip subtitles)
When I was looked at me in the mirror, I was working in this position. 
Is it a person or turtle? Who are you? 
I'm also obsessed with drawing lines neatly, all at once. 
These are the reasons why it takes me a while to finish a piece. 
But don't you wonder why i came back with this topic? 
Because I'm overthinking about the grid...
Anyway, I have to go get the work done. 
Sometimes I will draw cartoons whenever I have a lot of thoughts.
I'll come again, see you later!

(I translated the script using the translator, but I'm not sure if it was delivered correctly...)
Thank you for watching my short cartoon!